Q. How big will my territory be and will it stay protected

A. Your territory will set on a case-by-case basic typically licensed territories are ½ of a Country in size or a section of your city. Area sizes may vary depending upon: population, Density, Traffic Counts, and Zoning.

Q. How many location can I open in one area?

A. As many as you so desire

Q. How long will take to get started?

A. Once we have finalized the trademark Licensing Agreement, typically can within 3 to six months. However there are many variables depending upon your local jurisdiction

Q. Okay, I want to get started right now. What’s next?

A. Contact Java Girls tm through the website javagirls.net or @ (425) 351-0173 and let us know you’re ready to proceed, we will then have you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Once this is then done we schedule a time to talk with you. After this talk, we can move directly to the intent to License Agreement. When you sign the “Letter of intent”, you will put down a non-refundable deposit, we will then stop talking with other potential Licensees for your chosen area. Then within 15 to 30 days we will complete the Trademark Licensing Agreement.

Q. Can I skip any steps and move directly to the Trademark Licensing Agreement?

The Non-Disclosure must be signed, but you may choose to skip the intent to License and move directly to the Trademark Licensing Agreement. You will still put down a non-refundable deposit when you sign the Trademark Licensing Agreement to reserve your area while we finalize all the details.

Q. What happens after I receive a License Grant for my area?

A. you will receive all of our Trademarked graphics and our Proprietary Menu via-mail so that you may immediately begin work on your signage, menu and marketing material. You will also receive our user friendly, “Quick Start Manual”. This publication provide you with detailed “A to Z” instructions, assisting you with everything you need to know. Every aspect of the Java Girls tm business is a documented system. The manual will provide you every detail from finding and securing a location at hiring & training, basic accounting, marketing, and ongoing operations. We will also make arrangements together to schedule your initial consultation & one week of intensive training in the Seattle area or in your City if you’ve purchased multiple areas. You will be able to count on ongoing support from us, as your success is our goal
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