Java girls tm & Company offers, retail  specialty coffee services & integrated customer entertainment at the highest level; of excellence, combining outstanding coffee, incredible visual entertainment with an unparallel level of customer services. This unique combination of great specialty coffee & visual stimulation which encourages repeat business.

Our entertaining employee uniform presentations are designed to stimulate our target market. The visual presentation is carefully designed for each day of the week. Specifically, we integrate our customer’s desire for a great cup of specialty coffee while appealing to Java Girls tm entertainment model leans towards a classy fashion model. Java Girls tm does not or will not violate any local or federal laws. We do not or will not engage in the indecent exposure of our employees.

The Java Girl tm target demographic is primarily men of all ages, however there is an appeal to men & women alike from many diverse cultures. Our goal is to keep them interested every day when they go for coffee through great espresso drinks, outstanding services and a memorable entertaining experience of an interesting and unique nature that they will never forget! Male customers view our presentation as fun, fun, and fun! Women view our presentation as a unique education in the latest fashion wear, an entertaining and enjoyable experience that adds value to their patronage of Java Girls tm.

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