Our buildings come in 3 different sizes. Depending on your specific location and which type of establishment you choose, the costs will vary. Blow is an estimated price for the opening in the Seattle area.

      * 8 X 16 will cost between 60k to 75k

There is not a restroom installed inside this unit and may or may not be hard plumbed. If you choose not to hard plumb then the unit utilizes an undercounter mobile plumbed system with 2 five gallon H2O cylinders for fresh water supply and 2 eleven gallon polyurethane waste tanks on wheels. These waste tanks are equipped with tight fitting "Quick Disconnect" hoses. (This unit requires a designated commissary within 200ft) What is a commissary? It is an area located inside a nearby surrounding business for your employees to fill water tanks, dump grey water, wash dishes and has a handicap accessible restroom for the employees to use.

     * 10X20 will cost between 75k to 100k

There are only 2 differences between the 10X20 and the 12X24. The first difference is;  there is a restroom installed inside this unit, but due to a smaller design the restroom is not ADA handicap accessible. (You will still need a commissary agreement with a surrounding business) but only a partial agreement, and will only be for the "Restroom Use" unlike the 8X16 where you will need a FULL commissary agreement. The second is that there is less work area & dry storage.

     * 12X24 will cost between 100k to 150k
  Java Girls 12'X24' is fully hard plumbed and self contained including an ADA handicap accessible restroom. Java girl’s tm start-up costs in the area surrounding Seattle, WA is around $125k per location for this size.

Please keep in mind that the option to use the "Mobile Plumbing" style is available in all 3 units if so desired. This is generally used only if the costs to “Hard Plumb” are not financially feasible


Unit territories are defined by geographic boundaries. Multiple Licenses are available by city, Country, and state. Note: Only a limited number of licenses will be available in 2007


There are 50 states, each with small and large communities ripe for exciting and fun, specialty coffee shops. Java Girls tm retail stores have an enormous appeal for people of all walks of life; the demographic literally includes people in all developed nations. This translates into an unlimited income potential.

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