Our headquarters is located in the greater Seattle area. Java Girls tm. is now offering Trademark Licenses in all areas of the United States and Canda. Look fora "Java Girls tm" coming soon to a neighborhood near you! Click on the Business Opportunity page for more deatails.
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Fine Gourmet Espresso drinks Hot & Cold, Iced Tea, Real Fruit Smoothies, Cookies, Muffins, Gourmet Biscotti, Bottled Water, Juice, Energy Drops, Energy Bars by "MJ's Best Bite", Italian Creamed Soda's,
$5 & $25 pre-paid cards, punch cards, (for repeat customers) and much more, all served up fresh by our sexy barista babes!
We fresh roast our espreso beans daily, Java Girls tm uses only the highest quality Arabica beans and we air roast the beans to exact standards for
less bitterness, this lowers acid better than other raosting techniques. Java Girls has worked directly with the Master Roaster in order to create our own unique blend and roast of gormet espresso that delights the most distinctive tastes.
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