Q.How do I know if I 'm the right person to own a Java Girls tm business?

A.77% of all American now drink specialty coffee. If you love people, are fairly organized, do not have any moral conflicts using the primary business model, want to be your own boss, and earn great money, then it's definitely for you .

Q.What specific skills do I need to operate a Java Girls tm business?

A.You just need to have the ability to make decisions, be organized, be able to hire and oversee the baristas. We'll teach you the rest in our exclusive Quick start Manual. You will soon be attracting employees who have the exact skills and expertise that your business will need and they will naturally come to you with enthusiasm and excitement because everybody loves the idea of making lots of money!

Q.How much time per week would this entail?

A.This will vary depending upon how far you live from your business, whether or not you have hired a delivery service and how many Java Girls tm locations you open. For 1 to 3 locations you could expect to work approx. 6 to 8 hrs per week.

Q.What would my start –up costs be?

A.This will vary depending on the individual location, equipment package you choose and how elaborate the design of your kiosk becomes. Typically Java Girls tm Licensees speed approx. $75k to$100k but some have been known to get in for under $30k (This usually only happens if the property owner has already constructed a turn key facility for its operator)

Q. How much money can I make doing this?

A.This will depend on the Licensees individual effort and how many Java Girls tm locations you ultimately decide to open. The average gross income generated for a Java Girls tm Licensee is approx $300k per year per service window/counter and you should net between 30% to 35% of the gross but this will also depend on the skill of the operator.

Q.Do I need to give a percentage of my income to the main corporation?

As a Licensee, you will never be required to pay "Royalties" to the main corporation. You will only be required to pay a $1,200 per year renewal fee. This fee includes the continued use of the Java Girls tm Trademarks, Service Marks and all other Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets. In addition , it includes advertising and marketing your area on our corporate website, and 10 hrs of consulting per year, as it relates to your Java girls tm opening, and ongoing operations.

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